S&S精密“積層製造Additive Manufacturing”製程,可在各式低溫基材例如PET與紙張上製作天線或線路。並可依客戶要求,進行ACA(異方性導電膠 Anisotropic Conductive Adhesive)插件。



Our precise “Additive Manufacturering” process can produce antenna and circuit on low temperature sunstrates like PET, Paper. Denspends on customer’s requirements, wafer level ACA (Anistophic Conductive Adhesive) assembling with bare die or component can done in house.

In addition, S&S group also has inverted pick-and-place machine developed and manufactured, applied to do the bonding process on flexible substrate.
By our exclusive bonding technology, we complete the field of Printed Electronics.

The diversity of products further integrates and provides a higher level of seamless grade related applications.

S&S adopts equipment provided by internationally renowned printed electronic solution equipment vendors, committed to engage in the production of Antennas, Circuits and Printed Sensor