S&S自行研發專利天線,在我們的GREEN RFID標籤產品系列中,完全100%環保。儘管全球市場上可用的晶/芯片的格式和內存大小種類很多,但我們仍然能夠設計出適合每個客戶需求的天線。

根據客戶的規格,S&S可以為所有客戶客製化天線、乾inlay和標籤,我們擁有專業的質量控制流程來處理各種產品問題,可以滿足多個國家之間的國際規範。通過S&S的生產過程,我們可以在每個標籤之間做出差異化,例如,我們可以同時在電路側和正面(印刷圖案)的一側生成客戶的商標,更進一步地,S&S精確地使用了由我司自行開發的植晶和標籤製程來完善GREEN RFID 標籤。

S&S develops own patented antenna patterns which work according to RFID user scenarios.
Despite the wide variation of chip and its memory sizes on the market, we are able to design the antenna which can meet every chip specification and RFID protocol.

Depends on customer’s requirement, S&S can supply them Antennas, Dry inlays and Labels. With up-to-date quality assurance system and continous R&D efforts, S&S provides our clients the RFID products which meet the international standards and regulations.

S&S uses the advantage of additive manufacturing process – individualization, we can make customized mark on each antenna. For example, we can create customer’s logo next to antenna, which is kind indentification, also an unique anticounterfeit feature.

Our Green RFID product program is totally 100% ECO-FRIENDLY.

UHF TT Antenna

Dual Frequency